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IMG_6111Great Lakes Paper offers several services to business that need to manage their paper waste.

Cardboard/Paper/Plastic Recycling
Our company will pick up any cardboard, paper, or plastic you have collected in recycling container and take it to our facilities to be processed and made into new items. We handle small and large loads alike, making room for future recycling products.

Confidential Document Destruction
If you have documents with confidential information in them that you need to dispose of, we will shred and remove them to protect your employee and company identity. You can rest assured that you are protected and will feel at ease after removing cluttered paperwork.

Solid Waste Management and Removal

Great Lakes takes care of solid waste including refuse, sludge from wastewater, food waste, yard waste, and construction debris. This also includes appliances, furniture, scrap metal, machinery, and car parts.

Container, Dumpsters, Compactors, and Balers

We also provide storage for your waste including recycling and aluminum containers, dumpsters for large and small businesses, compactors for packaging and other large waste, and balers to hold waste until it can be disposed of. We can deliver these products, replace worn or broken ones, and order additional containers for expanding homes and businesses.

Bulk Material and Equipment Removal

Great Lakes Paper also removes bulk material such as air conditioners, hot water heaters, rugs, mattresses, large toys, and more. We also remove equipment including trailers, blowers, pumps, compressors, and separators to name a few.

Construction/Demolition Debris Recycling

Our company helps you and the environment by removing construction and demolition debris to recycle into new products. This includes concrete, sawdust, bricks, wood, and much more.




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